This is what our customers think about WOHNBLOCK

Merlin, Yeti and Joshi from Frankfurt, Germany

Mrs L. from Frankfurt, Germany

Leo and Mendax from Innsbruck, Austria

Mrs B. from Innsbruck, Austria

Cats from Lisbon, Portugal

"...Reading Cat arrived!! And they love it!..."

Mrs S. from Lisbon, Portugal

Cats from Sofia, Bulgaria

" is wonderful!! Even my husband who is not really a cat person loves it too . Attached some pictures - my cats are having fun with it..."

Mrs B. from Sofia, Bulgaria

Grazy, Kayra and Pichi from Wiernsheim, Germany

Family S. from Wiersheim, Germany

Tosca-Lilly from Kent, GB

"...I think the Reading Cat is fantastic, it's a very high quality of design and production, I can't recommend it more highly. I love it and my cat loves it even more!..."

Mr. B. from Kent, GB

Suuma San Lotte from Embrach, Switzerland




Gustav from Cairo, Egypt


Mrs B. from Cairo, Egypt

A Retro in Belgium



Chili and Neo from Zurich, Switzerland



Paul from Hamburg

Mrs F. from Hamburg

Kiki from Toronto, Canada

"...Our Siberian cat, Kiki, is enjoying your wonderfully designed cat tower as you can see in the photos attached.

Thanks again..."

Esme and Jasper from Berlin



Bowie and Beastie from Zurich, Switzerland

"...See below some pictures of the 2 gremlins Bowie et Beastie: 5 months-old Maine Coons brother and sister, very happy with their XL Retro: that was around 15-20 minutes after the Retro was installed :)..."

2 cats from Winnenden, Germany

Mrs H. from Winnenden, Germany

2 cats from Winterthur, Switzerland


A Cat from Bellevue, USA

"My cat has already taken a liking to it!"

A gray cat from Paris, France

Herr Z. from Paris, France

Francesco from London, GB

"... The Reading Cat is here and looks great. Francesco (Cesco) has taken right to it ..."

Mr. F. from London, GB

Paul and Anton from Lahr, Germany

Family F. from Lahr, Germany

Tama and Aki from Los Gatos, USA

"... Thanks again.  It's a cool looking cat tree."

Mrs. C. from Los Gatos, CA, USA

Felix and Bonnie from Lambsborn, Germany

Family S. from Lambsborn, Germany

3 cats from Hiroshima, Japan

"Happy cat!"

Mr. N. from Hiroshima, Japan

Adrian and Friedrich from Düsseldorf, Germany (2nd Retro)


Family S. from Düsseldorf, Germany

Chester and Ginger from Niddatal, Germany

Family N. from Niddatal, Germany

Osumi, Kimani and Akito from Eltville, Germany

Mrs. M. from Eltville, Germany

Akim and Charly from Thalwil, Switzerland

Mrs. R. from Thalwil, Switzerland

2 Cats from Chemnitz

Mrs. A. from Chemnitz

Herr Lehmann and Sara Kid from Bern


Mrs. P. from Bern, Switzerland

Family S. from Leuven


Family S. from Leuven, Belgium

Choupette and Nala from Luxemburg


Mrs. N. from Godbrange, Luxemburg

Ivy and Mr. Bates from Trier


Mrs. L. from Trier

Pepe from Aachen

Family M. from Aachen

Jimmy and Jacky from Germering

Family J. from Germering

Hugo and Peggy from Bremen

Mrs. H. from Bremen

Paul from Wuppertal

Mrs. R. from Wuppertal

Amir and Yurik from Horgen, Switzerland

Mrs. L. from Horgen, Switzerland

Nelson and Suu Kyi from Kaltenleutgeben (Part 2)

Mrs. D. from Kaltenleutgeben, Austria

2 cats from Thalwil, Switzerland

Mr. B. from Thalwil, Switzerland

Bali from Berlin

Mrs. V. from Berlin

Fini and Leo from Vienna

Mrs. K. from Vienna

2 young cats from switzerland

Mr. S. from Volketswil, Switzerland

2 cats from Berlin

Mr. V. from Berlin

Maisy and Louis from Berlin

"... Thank you for the beautiful 'Reading Cat'! My two cats (one of them especially) spend lots of time there already, and my friends are also very impressed (and quite jealous)!!"

Mrs. H. from Berlin

2 cats from Kaltenleutgeben, Austria (Part 1)

Mrs. D. from Kaltenleutgeben, Austria

Gismo and Caruso from Wettingen, Switzerland

Mr. W. from Wettingen, Switzerland

Nefertiti and Baby from London

"Hi Oliver,
just a quick email to thanks you for your very fast delivery, much appreciated.
Also, our two Norwegian cats do really love the Retro (one of them spend hours there, and it took them very little time to fall in love with it), and also very important: it looks great in our flat.
Beautiful piece of functional design, great for the cats and great for us!
Thank you again
All the best"

Mr. M. from London, GB

Charlotta and Casimir from Fentange, Luxembourg

Mrs. L. from Fentange, Luxembourg

Nike fromTeufen, Switzerland

Mr. N. from Teufen, Switzerland

Henny, Taschi(no), Teddy, Josie from Hamburg

Mrs B. from Hamburg, Germany

Sabina and Noli from Zurich

"I've long been wanting to write to you and let you know that my apartment looks so nice and elegant now that I have replaced my old scratching post with the new WOHNBLOCK. My cats discovered the Wohnblock after two hours and took possession of it. I'm sure they would never give it back again." As for me, I'm happy about the cat furniture everyday again."
"... The Wohnblock still is a big hit for my cats. If the cushion on top is taken, they simply cuddle together and share. Whenever we have visitors they will admire our WOHNBLOCK and call it the best piece of cat furniture they have every seen."

Mrs. Z. from Zurich

© Alexis Fernandez

Cat Leopold from Vienna

"The Reading Cat was delivered on 16 December and the Retro on 19 December. They both are an enrichment and match perfectly. Many thanks by the way that delivery was made before Christmas."

Mr. W. Aus Vienna

Raya Ampat, Raya Batanta Ampat from Lake Constance

"Dear Mr. Kriege,
the shelf has arrived safely and it took less than five minutes until our cats had conquered it enthusiastically. It also had to go through a stringent quality control inspection.
They carefully checked if the hook and loop of the carpet inserts would withstand the toughest claws (and they actually would)."

Mrs. B from Engen

Evita from Hannover

"Dear Mr. Kriege,
enclosed you'll find a few pictures of how our cat conquered the scratching post. She has accepted it very well and plays and sleeps a lot on it."
Mrs. H. From Hannover

Maine Coon from Küssnacht

"Acclimatisation? Not for my Maine Coon – five minutes after the furniture had been replaced the cat took possession of it."

Mrs. H. From Küssnacht