Being an interior designer I am constantly faced with the questions of aesthetics and quality in life.

When the cats Coco and Chanel came into our family I started looking for elements and furniture for them in order to create places that would not only provide shelter but also improve the communication between humans and cats. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that would match my modern apartment furniture in terms of quality and style. The search for “favourite spots”, that would fulfill all the cats’ needs and at the same time be in line with my perception of aesthetics, turned out to be quite a frustrating undertaking.

I was sure I wasn't the only person facing this problem. Everyone seeking to increase their cats’ well-being without decreasing their own quality of life through sacrifices in interior design must have encountered this difficulty.

As a result, the idea was born to satisfy humans as well as cats by combining aesthetics with functionality.

It was a long way from the drawing board to the finished product, endless weeks of research, creativity and concepts. Every object is designed down to the last detail and manufactured from high-quality materials in our own production facility in Germany. All this is necessary to meet my high quality standards regarding looks, haptics and functionality.

This is the only way I can work and be fully committed to every single of my design objects.

In short, WOHNBLOCK represents communicative aesthetics for humans and cats!



Enjoy your WOHNBLOCK

Yours, Oliver Kriege