Cats need a place where all their basic needs are fulfilled – being close to their owners, observe, rest and scratch, which at the same time sharpens their claws.
WOHNBLOCK, however, is far more than that. WOHNBLOCK supplies exclusive furniture that meets today's high standards in design and aesthetics. Clean lines are the mainstay of our design objects and lend a sculptural character to their forms. They can easily become an integral part of any living concept, regardless of whether it represents a classic, modern or retro style.

Your cat will immediately start exploring and quickly find a new favourite spot and observation post. A place where cat and owner come together.

You will be able to create an individual WOHNBLOCK for you and your pet using a wide selection of colour and material elements. Owning a pet is no necessary precondition for purchasing a WOHNBLOCK that – being a design object – will complement any modern living concept.


WOHNBLOCK is Oliver Kriege’s successful synthesis of modern dwelling aesthetics and communicative functionality for the benefit of humans and pets.



"... a historic reconciliation – the design fan and the cat."

BR Bayerisches Fernsehen (BR Bavarian Television)